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Burosh was imagined as a Dwarven pub game and published as a labor of love by three friends. It’s a territory control game where you use dice and cards to claim and defend your portion of the board. Remember, it’s sometimes better to temporarily retreat in order to free up space for a stronger play later in the game!

Burosh relies on a mixture of luck and strategy, making it a great game for everyone including casual and focused gamers. We have played Burosh with a wide variety of people, from family and friends to strangers at gaming conventions, including Gen Con. It’s complex enough to hold your attention, but intuitive enough for casual conversation (and smack-talk!) during play. Games take around 15 minutes. Burosh is for children and adults, and is intended for ages 8+. It encourages strategy, flexible planning, and bluffing.

Burosh can be played by 2-6 players. Each player uses their own set of uniquely-colored six-sided dice, and the game is played on a communal board with a set of custom Burosh playing cards (52 standard playing cards plus three unique wild cards). Players take turns rolling and placing dice on the board, bolstering (increasing) their dice and waning (reducing) their opponents’ dice. Players try to build a strong poker-style hand of playing cards to use during challenges to defend their spaces. The goal is to have the most points on the board when the game ends.

Burosh lends itself to house rules and variants. Since Burosh was written as a social game, the rules are fairly flexible. Most variants involve how challenges are decided, with one family with younger children choosing to use rock, paper, scissors, while other players have suggested using high card or a coin toss.

Each Burosh set comes with a board, 3 sets of dice (enough for 3 players), a custom card deck, and instructions. The boards are professionally screen printed on a piece of Baltic birch. Each set of dice contains 15 six-sided 16mm dice in three different colors (red, blue, and black), which is enough for 3 players.  The professionally printed custom deck of cards contains 55 cards.

Additional players (up to 6) will need their own sets of uniquely-colored six-sided dice. Sets of six-sided dice can be purchased from your friendly local game store or online game retailers. We recommend purchasing at least 12 dice of the same unique color for each additional player.

To purchase your own copy of Burosh, please visit our Etsy shop.